Vijay Pasupathinathan

As an innovative and forward-thinking cybersecurity and risk leader, I am focussed on helping organisations improve their cyber risk practices. I have extensive experience helping clients mature their cyber programs, drive their transformation journeys, design and implement security frameworks, establish cyber risk and operational practices, and serve as a trusted advisor to business and technology executives.

I have helped improve cyber functions for many organisations across various sectors, including federal/state governments, banking, insurance, utilities, mining and industrial; published several articles and journal papers on cybersecurity topics, presented in international events and conferences; and, hold a PhD and several cybersecurity certifications.

My PhD entitled "Hardware Based Identification and Authentication Systems" [pdf] under the guidance of Prof Josef Pieprzyk and Dr Hua Xiong Wang, at Macquarie University was focussed on the application of cryptographic protocols used in identification and authentication systems. I have published several scholarly articles in international journals and conferences on security topics such as, hardware based identification systems, e-passports, e-payments and e-tendering.